The Falls

The Falls, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

Is it too late to write about the new year?

One of my goals for this year was is to expand my circle of photography contacts. The first step towards that goal was to join the Orleans Photography Club. I did that two weeks ago on a very cold Saturday morning. I enjoyed the first meeting and have high hopes that next time I’ll actually speak with one or two people around me. Baby steps are important. The next meeting is next Wednesday.

Although not exactly a goal, I did pose a challenge to my brothers and our cousin, all members of the WDSP Flickr group. We call it Project 52 and the idea is to post one picture per week for each week in 2010. We’re two weeks in and no one has missed a post. The variety of pictures is refreshing and the timing is good because we’re all motivated to get out during the winter months and take pictures.

The one at the head of this post was taken early Saturday morning at Hogs Back Park. I liked how the water crashed over the ice and rocks. The B&W conversion helped create this abstract image. My first attempt was better I think but I lost that one and had to do it over again. This is close but not exactly what I had initially.

Also planned for this year are trips to a provincial park or two and at least one trip to the East Coast. Look for words about Halifax next month.

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