Sunrise on tractor

Sunrise on tractor, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

We’re three weeks into our Project 52 challenge, where by brothers and our cousin agree to post one new picture a week for 52 weeks. Three of us are in the same city and for two of the first three weeks we met early on Saturday morning at an agreed upon location. It was interesting to see how each of us came away with a slightly different perspective on the same location, and interesting to see which photo each would post for the challenge. Last week for example I chose not to post my favorite shot, a backlit tree featuring long shadows, thinking my brothers would post their backlit shots which I thought were better (based on the LCD viewing at Tim’s that morning). In the end, they posted macro shots of ice crystals.

This week we didn’t have plans to meet, I was expecting very different pictures. On Friday the moon was unusually large and bright. All three of us featured it in a shot. One a close shot with surface details. Another a timed exposure featuring a star-burst and trailing lights on the highway. Mine features heavy machinery in the foreground. Even when we’re working on our own we think along the same lines.

I didn’t post my moon shot for the the Project – in part because I had seen one brother’s picture on Flickr, but also because I another shot that I took from the same location, 15 hours later. On Saturday I returned the the construction site to see if the sun would rise in about the same location. It did, but maybe 15 degrees to the South. I went for a backlit shot creating a silhouette of the heavy machinery. Looking at my the work my brothers and especially the pictures from our cousin, I’ll have to dig much deeper to match them next Sunday.

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