A walk in the snow

Snow falling, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

I felt motivated this morning to take the dog and my camera out for a walk in the snow. I also decided to just bring my 50 mm 1.8, a polarizer filter and a lens hood. I had in mind that what ever shots i took, I’d later convert to Black and White. I’ve been converting many of my shots to B&W lately, maybe it’s the winter greys maybe I’m just drawn to texture more these days. I feel like I’m going back to my younger days except that I get to see the end product much faster.

We live on a quiet road with lots of trees around us so I didn’t have to walk very far to find my subject. This was a good thing because our little dog doesn’t do well in the cold. Normally I’m an Av guy but today I decided to experiment with Tv (shutter speed priority) I wanted to capture the snow falling on the scene so I picked 1/250 and ISO 100. The camera selected the widest aperture and this was the result.

There are other shots from the walk on Flickr, some were taken in my back yard. It just goes to show that you don’t have to go far to get those intimate landscapes.

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