One year on

Reeds 2010, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

Just over a year ago I took a picture of some reeds behind my house. I wasn’t shooting RAW at the time, I composed the picture head on with two points of interest just a little below centre. I converted the picture to B&W probably using iPhoto. Here is the picture


I received positive feedback on the shot and in preparing for the February picturerama show chose it as one of the 20 that I submitted. Someone bought it and recently I heard she’d was talking about how much she liked the picture a month after the sale. I was pleased and surprised.

So, on a walk with Sandi and our dog the other day I decided to revisit the same location and take another shot of the same reeds. This time I changed my angle of view, chose only one point of interest, and did the B&W conversion in LR2.

I like this shot better but mostly I’m pleased with my improvement in just 17 months. I’ll include this one in the April picturama, just for fun. Maybe next year I’ll revisit this spot again.

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