In the moment

wait up, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

Last Saturday night was cold. Very cold. Too cold to be out in the By-ward Market trying to capture that critical moment on my digital sensor. But that’s exactly what I was doing. Session 4 of my Photography class was moved from Sunday afternoon to Saturday night. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell everyone else – there was not much happening that night.

The objective was to position yourself where you’d see people passing by, blend into the background, observe, and capture that exact moment when something significant, moving, or exciting happens.

I was dressed in at least 4 layers of clothing, my camera is set to ISO 1600, cause there’s not much light happening. Aperture is around f4.0 and my focus spot is set to the middle. I check my exposure, everything looks good so I position myself near a corner where I hope to see people moving from the parking garage towards the Rideau Centre, or McDonald’s. So I wait. cars drive by, some slow down like I represent some other kind of street corner action. They drive on, probably confused.

Eventually a group approaches. Dad is skipping along the sidewalk, kids in hand. I figure the children are getting restless. They get a red light, I’m all set, green light they go, Dad and kids are skipping – I fire off 3 shots in that brief moment.

Right behind them comes another group, this time they’re running to catch the light before it changes. Click, click, click. Three more shots. and then nothing. So I move on to a new spot only to discover my camera has decided it’s too cold or something – my card is full. It shouldn’t be, but it is. I have to call it a night – no I didn’t bring a spare card.

Back at home I don’t have much hope for the night’s efforts. In fact I don’t even look at the results on the computer for a couple of days. As it turned out, I had two useable shots. Both are in my Flickr stream, one is at the top of this post.

I still don’t know why my SD card acted the way it did. I did a low-level format this time and it seems to be working again. I’ll see how it handles on Saturday when I try the exercise again. This time I’ll bring a second card.

  1. Vicki said:

    Great post. Awesome image. I can feel the cold. And thanks for the questions. I’m answering some of them for sure.

    • Don’t know if it would work for you but often just writing about an image will produce something I really didn’t anticipate. On the other hand when I plan to write about a topic I often get stuck on the details.

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