A change of pace

Boot for sale, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

I started a new job this week. After more than 33 years with the Revenue department, I decided to accept a 1 year assignment with another government department, which one exactly isn’t important. What is significant, though, is the change of location. I’m back downtown again. My old job was in a beautiful building located where not very much is happening, especially from a photography perspective.

Being downtown places me closer to the action – people that is. My recent street photography assignments have been very challenging especially with the weather here lately. I’ll have many more options at the new location and it doesn’t really matter much that the course is just about over. I hope to continue with the exercise on reflections, and capturing the moment.

The shot at the top was taken on Sunday afternoon during a brief moment when the sun was shining. It was cold, and our assignment was to walk through the market looking for enigmatic shots, or those that demonstrate how our minds can perceive 3D from a flat surface. Here, the mind knows this is a boot even though we only see part of it. The boot in the back is assumed to be the same size so we know the one that’s more in focus must be closer. The laces cross, so we know the one on top is closer than the one behind it.

The benefit from these exercises has been to make me slow down and consider more about why I’m taking the shot other than simply to make a documentary record of something. It makes a difference.

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  1. Bonnie said:

    Neat photo ken! It grabs the eye!

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