Boys, Zombies and Mom

Ripples, copyright Shirley Udle

It’s a warm, sunny April day. The cul-de-sac is filled with kids who last fall seemed half the size and half as loud as they are today. My morning chores completed, I head out for a walk with my dog charlie and my camera – this week’s Project 52 theme is “breaking the rule of thirds”.

Charlie’s an understanding photo companion, for the most part anyway. Generally he sits beside me patiently while I frame up my subject. It’s when people walk by that we sometimes have a problem. Charlie is fond of the sneak rear attack which means he pretends not to notice or care about the approaching human. At the moment she passes, he enters stealth mode making a swift approach from behind so as to get a good sniff. If I’m not paying attention, which can be often, someone gets startled, I have to apologize and of course I lose the shot.

Charlie’s other trick is to verbally challenge other dogs no matter the number or size. I think his intent to to warn them to keep their distance. Mostly they look at him in mild amusement because Charlie happens to be a cute but small Shih Tzu . Today he tried to intimidate a pair of German Shepherds, happily for him and me they were very well trained.

Some 45 mins later we’ve returned to our street. Ahead of me are two boys on bikes. They’re peddling like mad in obvious danger. The boy in the rear shouts something about Zombies, he’ll shoot them while his friend races off to safety. I’m smiling, I played this game as a kid although in my case rather than zombies I was fighting off a band of outlaws. The first boy breezes by on the far side of the street, charlie looks confused. The rear guard approaches, his gun blazing at me as he slips by. I’m the zombie! Mom will be so proud.

The feeling by the way is mutual. Mom’s birthday was on April 1st. I won’t give away her age, but I’m 52 the oldest of 4 children all of whom were born before Mom’s 38th birthday. Last year she decided to buy a new camera, on our advice she got a Panasonic Lumix bridge camera – a nice compromise between point and shoot and DSLR. I’ve been working with her for a number of months now offering some basic and intermediate picture taking advice.

I’ve been so thrilled to see her really working hard at learning this new hobby In January or February she joined our Project 52 photo group with predetermined themes for the pictures. It’s fair to say that her creativity and natural eye for detail has surprised the rest of us in the group. It’s not that we didn’t think she was capable, rather I think we’re surprised both at how hard she’s working at it. All her work is paying off in some great pictures, like the one at the top of this post. This wonderful shot was taken on a nature walk near Orleans. She found this reflection in a pool of water at the base of a picnic table. I probably would have walked right on by.

Good for you Mom and a very happy birthday. You’re solid proof there’s no reason to avoid starting something new.

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Location:Orleans, ON, Canada

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  1. Shirley Udle said:

    Thank you ken for your help and encouragement. Whenever anyone points out something about my photo I learn from this and am looking with a new eye on my next photo shoot. It’s a great hobby which I enjoy and it takes both dad and I outside and of course we benefit from that. I truly appreciate all the help and advice I have received.This is a wonderful birthday message.

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