Coming together

Meeting place, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

Time was my brothers and I would spend one morning or evening each week photographing the same place at the same time. The fun was in the banter, the common interests, and yes the sense of competition. The reality was more than the bonding but also the sense of learning together.

I shouldn’t speak fro them but I know I picked up on their different perspectives the exploration of darker tones and the need to slow things down – in process and in exposure times.

Having drifted apart for about a year, last weekend we got together again to explore Dick Bell park just off Carling Avenue in Ottawa.

It was funny though not surprising, how we picked up right where we left off. We arrived just before dawn, got our gear ready and started shooting from the same spot – really though we were getting a sense for the place, possible subjects and the lighting. Eventually we drifted off in our own directions exploring subjects at a slow pace.

No one watches the clock but eventually we all end up in the same place at about the same time an hour to 90 mins later. This time we didn’t discuss our results over a breakfast sandwich and Tea, Perhaps that will come later. The great thing is how we produced three different shots from the one place. Scott chose B&W reflections.

Dave has a flare for the dramatic.

As for me, I’m tending more towards the minimalist side of things. My best shot is at the top of this post. The lesson for groups is to go your own way, explore what appeals to you and in the end everyone wins.

  1. Scott said:

    I had a great time that morning as well. A lot has gone on in our lives these past months and it’s easy to drift away from these kinds of activities while you take care of more pressing issues. I really like the picture above. I like the minimalist style of photography and I am a little upset with myself that I didn’t see the shot at all. Maybe I was too focused on the boats. “I couldn’t see the forest for the trees” as it were.

  2. Ken Udle said:

    I know Scott, I saw the boats but missed the reflections.

  3. Ray K said:

    I love this image Ken. I’d go into why but as you know that takes up alot of space and time when I do that sort of thing. Well done.

    • Ken Udle said:

      Thanks Ray, yes I know what you mean.

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