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in motion, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

Sunday was overcast, the sky so full more than a few drops spilled over as we drove downtown.

My photo-partner and I were headed to the 2011 edition of Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. Not being hard-core photographers, we were feeling more than a little doubtful about the day and wee prepared to leave at any moment. The rain held off, at least until we parked. With 40 mins. before the scheduled start, we decided the only proper thing to do was stop at Bridgehead’s for a coffee and a cookie. We’ll give her 30 mins was the agreement.

Coffee and cookies gone, and there not being a stain of rain on the road, we headed on and met our group just before 3PM. Introductions had just finished when a late arrival bumped my shoulder with a flirty “hi Charlie”. This was Sue whom I quickly learned worked with Dad in St. John’s many years ago. “Wrong Udle, I’m Ken. But I do have Mom with me. Shirley, meet Sue, she knows Dad.”

Leader Henry interrupted the reminiscences with words of safety and a map. Mom and I knew we would not be able to complete the circuit in 2 hours. In fact we had to stop just over an hour in – on account of rain and tired feet.

This was my second WWPW and I have to admit it was more successful for me. We took our time, avoided including the drab sky and looked instead for patterns, reflections and texture.

We’d see Sue from time to time, once when she was balanced precariously on a bench, I stood quietly next to her just in case. Mom was so absorbed in shooting one building that she hardly noticed the street person approach with suggestions on how to enlarge the picture. A quick intervention and deflection and he was on his way.

We didn’t see much of the rest of the group, and that was the case last year too. My suggestion for anyone considering the 2012 edition is to bring a friend and some water. Carry just a camera and one or two lenses. Get lost in the possibilities, but don’t wander too far off the route.

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