There really are no good excuses

Hurdman Station, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

I had an idea recently that I’d start posting iPhone pictures on a mini blog (ken’s other place). These would represent things I see while in transit to work or anywhere else. As its turned out, I’m not taking near as many shots as I thought I would. Why is that you’re wondering.

Accessibility. I have learned that keeping the phone in my pants pocket, especially when wearing a winter coat, makes it difficult to retrieve when I see a moment that I like. Add to that having to remove tight-fitting gloves, and navigate through the steps to get to the camera option. Solution? Keep the phone closer at hand, turn off the pass-code, and either don’t wear gloves or get looser ones.

Sameness. Not surprisingly, after thirty four years of commuting to an office each and every weekday I’ve developed some very well established habits to combat the dreariness. My head is either down as I walk or looking towards the people at the bus stop for signs the bus is approaching. At the stop I watch the traffic, the sky, the newspaper box anything but the people – that way I don’t end up stuck with a “talker” sitting next to me on the bus. During the ride, I’m reading books, email, news articles. Looking out the window seems pointless, not because they are dirty, which they are, but because most of the ride is on a bus-only road with concrete walls on either side. At the transfer points, sometimes one, other days two, I watch for buses and crazies. The latter I avoid if I can. The the former arrives, I have limited time to avoid having to stand for the next leg of the trip. Mostly though, I’m looking at the same scenes in almost the same lighting conditions every day and that hasn’t been too inspiring. Solution? Lift the head, don’t worry about missing the bus or meeting the talkers. Maybe I can change my transfer points or my route from time to time. That would introduce variety.

I suppose I could make other trips too. The point of all this is that for every excuse, there’s probably 2 or more solutions.

Look for more photos soon.

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  1. Elisa Rixon said:

    Being in a rut is devastimg and can seem insurmountable. What you have done my friend, is recognize that the rut can not only be there, but, surprisingly can be conquered. I often read early literature and marvel at the time in which they exsisted. No electricity, no heat but the close surroundings of the fire and no passive entertainment. Eeeeek, what to do? But back to your point….routine, sameness. A routine that repeats itself daily without forgiveness. These early people would have marveled at the miracle of the combustin engine. But a lesson of….”.son I had to walk up hill in a snowstorm to just get to school” often falls on unappreciating ears. The thing is, recognizing that one can change the present by looking, seeking for change is what led to the inevitable invention of the combustion engine. So Ken, hats off. Your attitude is a healthy one that should be taken note of.

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