Gentle flows, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

Scott and I took two of the kids out with us on Friday night. They’re just beginning in photography and felt special to get the chance to come out with us. We went to Strathcona park in Ottawa. Both kids have good Bridge cameras and a tripod. I asked what kind of pictures they like to take, “anything, everything” was the quick answer.

On site i was the ducks in the river that first caught their attention. unfortunately the light was very low and even using high ISOs, they still couldn’t get a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the birds. They did try hard, though, and it will be interesting to see what they post.

The second most popular subject was the “love bench” with themselves on or behind it. The tripods and self timers really helped with this. The name comes from the big heart painted on the wooden bench.

Scott and I got a few pictures, I only have two that I like. The one at the top of this blog and one of some reeds posted to the Project 52 site. We’ll go back with Dave when the lighting is better. The kids had a good time and that’s the main thing.

Hello, originally uploaded by EJU7.

This isn’t my picture but I wish that it was.

My brothers, a cousin and I have a friendly competition going where we post something new to our Project 52 each week. I think we’re each trying to outdo the other for creativity with each post. Recently my niece joined the group. She’s 8 years old and not intimidated by technology nor it seems is she bound by preconceived notions of what photography or art is.

In this shot, while Dad was watching the hockey game, she took the picture, transferred the file to the iMac and uploaded the picture to the correct Flickr group.

I realize the outline in the face and especially the eyelash is most likely a fortunate coincidence but maybe part of this is also due to knowing intuitively which composition works well and which ones don’t.

I really hope she sticks with photography and eventually learning more of the craft. Right now I’m loving her fresh look at things.

Well done Emily!