Opeango Reflections

Opeango Reflections, originally uploaded by ken.udle.

I’m not in a happy place today.

Yesterday our group of four photographers abandoned plans to pursue a month long exhibit and sale of our photos, at least for a year anyway. The idea hatched, so to speak, in September when we decided to create a partnership, apply for permission at the park to show our pictures, then work on taking a variety of shots and gathering a collection for show sometime during 2011. I was quite pumped about the project and in fact have been too distracted to make more regular updates on this blog.

Things came undone last night. Motivations for carrying through on the project were different for each of us. Risk tolerance too was different for each one too. And maybe this is what you might take from this, It’s easy to get caught up in the emotional appeal of a new project, eventually though you have to move into the dirty details and here’s where the real costs and risks become apparent. In our case I’m happy that we made an honest decision early on before we made commitments and spent more money.

I thought I was okay with things at the time but to be honest, last night and all day I’be been feeling down about this turn of events – as logical as they are. I’ve already taken steps to ward off the funk though. I registered for two courses at SPAO, helped my Mom with her early steps into digital photography and put the OmniFocus project on hold, for now anyway.

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